Friday, May 8, 2009

real belasungkawa or another hearsay?

we used to be getting a news on Cikgu Hartini passed away after getting involved in a car accident, and the news was spread through our batch ygroups. then suddenly emerged one girl made a clarification on how Cikgu Hartini was still alive leading a normal life. quite a shock, rasa cam berita mati hidup semula.

and now, another belasungkawa was on the air, that CIkgu Zainon died due to ovarian cancer, thus made me think " is this another lame rumours? " cant believe the news at instance. but the great junior informed that the news was passed by her member in Msia, so hesitately i believed.

cikgu Zainon was our former BM teacher and also guru bilik kokurikulum, the one that i will always encounter when lepak2 kt bilik kurikulum as the editorial room was barely beside the room. so agak selalu lepak2 di situ. cikgu plak jenis otai2, so easily get mixed with her students.huhu

should be there anyone can make a fair clarification please do so. it'll be much welcomed.

either ways pun, many thanks for all the teachers that had taught us all those academics and life stuff. as what Prophet has narrated that benificial knowledges are among those things that will be continously merited.

* the news was true enough. a clarification was made officially in AMAL ygroups. al-Fatihah buat cikgu. cikgu passed away and it's Friday today. :)

am i so speeding in my words? yes! this coming may 12th theres gonna be a mid term exam! wah!! surgery + internal medicine made up those 9 cases! doakan!doakan! sy a lil cuak!


Hamba said...

innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiuun...
cikgu zainon mmg dah takde..last week...this is to clarify the above. kak long beritakan, dan kak intan gi berziarah...kak long tak berkesempatan dek ada baby around....

I miss MMP badly...uwwaaaaaa

afifah.ahmad said...

tu le pasal..
eh kak intan buat ape ek skang ni?