Saturday, May 30, 2009

Karnival Keluarga dan sebuah pemerhatian

apparently PCM (perubatan cawangan mansurah) has done a lot for its members with all those programmes throughout the years. Long list of programmes but still with the same aim- to allow the members know each other and to strengthen the ukhuwah amongst them. many have known how the number of Malaysian students here in Mansurah are a lot that make it no longer possible for u to know every single one of them. u come and encounter one face, another day u gonna meet the other ones, and the day after tomorrow u gonna see a lot more and eventually forget those of the past. " Macam pernah kujumpa muka ini tapi di mana ya?? " i guess all the seniors used to go tru this.

event by event, programme by programme, day by day, all those we had passed through, but sometimes we missed something in between. I can see the same faces to line up as the committees in such attend the meeting and to see familiar faces show up, almost 90%, i'll say " wow " . the reason might be because " o ya, that fella has a lot of experiences, so we shud elect that fella as the committee " nothing goes wrong with that, but still i dun think that's a good phenomenon. new faces shud be emerged so as to allow everyone to have a fair chance mingle around and gain experience dealing with all those stuff. one day sooner or later u gonna come down and thus dealing with society ( the patients etc ) and being active in the persatuan as u may say are of such ways to enhance and polish your skill. u gonna learn a lot, seriously.

1. new fresh faces should be recruited. ajkt2 Karnival y telah dilantik i would suggest to take alot more new faces to help out for the day. u wont lose anything but to gain more in the days to come

2. adik2/kawan2 y jarang pgg any post dalam ape2 programme boleh kasik name kt pengarah : ikram ishak (thun3) or timb : wan nur fariha (thn 2) kalau berminat nk jadi ajk. saya mewakili mereka mengalu2kan permohonan anda semua. bak kata org, besar tapak tangan, satu mesir saya tadahkan! angkatkening saye serius ni! saya x gurau! betuuulll !!

p/s: sape y design iklan ni ek?? serius lawa! karefuLLL !!


dr niknf said...

erk, k.pips~ uhuuu...
my name should b wriiten 'nik'
not 'wan' d dpnnya~
(though mereka sume berasal dr kerajaan ketuanan kelantan =p )

thanx a million 4 promoting diz k.pips!
idup cik s/u!!!
(pening cr ajk sbb org br xsey,org lm je sggp. tp papepun, alhamdulillah...)

afifah.ahmad said...

ic..huhu hadehh..org2 baru mane pegi ekk...

afifah.ahmad said... wonder why i wrote the name as wan nur fariha...ade sorg jr kt maahad name gitu :P sorry ha! tershashul lak