Friday, May 30, 2008


pada satu hari di suatu tahun...(demi menyatakan gambar ini adalah gambar lame )


Monday, May 26, 2008

Mana Specialist Melayu?

medical specialist.what do u expect in it? in private hospitals, u will notice many non-malay especially chinese specialist doctors dominate the specific field available.

here come the food of thoughts :

abe: specialist.. cina saja
abe: mana tuan-tuan melayu semua

there goes some counterbacks :

most of malay specialist doctors prefer to stay low down.working at general hospital rendering their service to the public at a cost they can afford at which the doctors just feel contented for the salary they received.only some of them choose to work at private hospitals and enjoying the high incomes..


actually the number of malay specialists are not that many than that of non-malay! haa..mane mau pilih buk? kalau sy pilih dua2?

utterly only some bunches of them (us)are specialists.

do some checkouts

specialists Pantai Cheras Med Centre

specialist Pantai Med Centre

specialist Pantai Klang Med Centre

or just browse through Pantai Holdings Berhad and u can find list of hospitals under the on it n search for its respective specialists.or shud u want it to be more global,then choose this Association of Private Hospitals of whatever u wanna do then.till then,enjoy surfing!

say so-called politician-in-the-making: hey, stop being racist!

credits to abe basir.rajin sungguh mengesurf.muncha gracias..and Good Luck for your diploma in Tasawwur Islam exam eventhough u'll be in Miri on that day?hehe..

Friday, May 23, 2008

His servant

i heard a lot of rumours.i encountered some evidences for that it wasnt a typical rumour that spread around me.what the rumors were all about? just let me knew them to myself.not gonna share them in here.

egypt like others say, is home for the many anbiya' as well for Firaun.bear it in mind, FIRAUN.

u can find a lot of makams and masjids (?) here in egypt.
and u can find temples as well.
u can find tafaqquh classes with some syeikhs,
and u can find a place for leisure just like hawaii where all mamat minah salleh gathered with their bikini n shorts sunbathing etc,
in short,u can find everything here...

Our Lord has granted us the brain to think and most important is, He sends us down to be His servant, to obey what He has instructed, and for that He has bestowed us with al-Quran and as-sunnah as guidance in which we will never be lost as long as we hold those two firm.

God has given us immeasureable nikmat,sit and think about it once,try to list them all down,then it'll take hell lot of papers before u can even finish it..and what we give Him in return? being disobey is not good buddy..

may His blessings be upon us, may His hidayah reach us,may His barakah shower us..

the best of u is those being pious to Him..

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


let's talk about investment.why so suddenly wanna talk about investment?nothing matters much.just simply i wanna bring up something that literally important for future financial planning.applicable for those who cares and concerns about his/her future financial statement.but mind me, im not gonna explain every single thing about what investment is actually, or what kind of scheme is the best or whatever, just to share this to those it may concern.

by the way, i do NOT (yet) invest in any kind of scheme but look forward to do so soon as possible.but for this time being i'm not ready for it.i have 2 of my brothers indulge in the field hence i know some bits of this investment things.and i'll say we SHUD invest for future financial planning.but as muslim, we must be sure that the scheme we're investing in is syariah-compliance, means that the way the scheme is being conducted, every single thing from A to Z, no single non-halal thing is counted sure of that before u involve in any kind of investment.investment gonna do some good to u but just be definite in what u r investing in, since what u consume gonna be part of your being.good consumption gonna make up well being and vice versa.

any inquiry about this investment thing u may ask me,it's not that i'm gonna answer it,just i can forward it to my bro hehe.peace no war.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

pet maya

please click on the pic for clearer version

did u miss something that messed up my desktop, yet so cuuute of them.. uuu~

sile tengok lagi..uu~ lg tgk lg cuute~

tgk lagi..tgk lagi..mereka sgt comeL~

terima kasih kpd y menghadiahkan pet2 ini..huhu comei2..terhibur melihat gelagat mereka..mengasyikkan..haha Photobucket

those interested to own them, can just simply download it HERE

if suddenly u find them irritating [in case u r tense up at that moment] u can just simply disable them by clicking Ctrl + Alt + Del, and end the task.. bile nk main lg click saje pd ikon Lamb itu byk2 kali and mereka akan kuar scara berjemaah..kalau nak seko aje klik sekali cukup la.. =) menarik.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


saye suke politik.mengikut jejak ayah y merupakan seorang y mehnah2 dan kerenah2 politik kadang2 buatkan saye naik jelak, fed up, menyampah dan y sewaktu dengannya.banyak betul simpang siurnya.that kind of simpang siur really annoy me much.why cant everybody just make thing easier?accordingly la baru lepas tgk sidang dewan y mengkisahkan perihal KJ mensingkatkan projek khinzir raksasa sbg PKR.dan ditinggikan nada semasa menyebut PKR itu.demi mengapi2kan parti lawan.

bile direquest by sidang dewan lain utk menarikbalik kata2 tersebut,it's left unentertained.tiba pula masa mahfuz omar memulang paku buah keras,menterjemahkan projek babi negara sbg PBN.oleh kerna technical error telinga KJ lalu kedengaran sbg BN saje.lalu melentinglah KJ."sape y ckp babi negara td?tarik baliK!tarik balik!"
aduhaiii..sungguh kanak2 menantu PM y sorg ni..*chuckle* mahfuz membalas "saye menyebut PBN, bukan BN!" =)
that was just an anecdot of politics life..

kpd y kanak2, jgn la masuk politik.menyemak..Photobucket

kpd y matang, selamat berjuang demi kepentingan umat2 sekalian...Photobucket

.suke melihat politik cara tokguru.lebih banyak keilmuan berbanding kesedapmulutan.keilmuan y tinggi y terkadangnya disalahpahami
oleh y xde ilmunya.oleh itu, mari lah menuntut ilmu..
[afifah!xm dah dekat!!]

Sunday, May 11, 2008

missing home so badly

so often these few days
i drain out tears
that i dont even realize
what the drops emphasize
the deep feeling inside telling me
how i miss them so badly
listening to their voice can no longer be a substitute
that i need them to be around
how i miss the moment when we're all around
the talk we've chattered around
the jokes we're cracking out
the moment we're spending together
the stories that we're sharing together

afifah!!xm dulu la! aiyak!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


ada pasang.ada surut.ada tinggi.ada rendah.gemuk kurus.jantan betina.cantik buruk.electron positron.positive negative.segala2nya y diciptakanNya berpasangan.even dalam ayat2Nya Dia ada menyatakn keberpasanganan dalam setiap ciptaanNya..sape2 y amek physics for Alevels akan belajar bab nuclear.sekecik2 cas2 nuclear pun turut ada pasangan.betapa benarnya agamaNya..terbukti di segenap kehidupan..dan pasangan kpd gembira is sedih.suka duka.

kalau disoroti pengalaman2 lepas, kebiasaannya ketikamana saya tgh bersedih sy akan buat sesuatu y memerlukan diri sy bergerak n tgn sy bekerja.kebiasaannya sy akan mengemas.kemas dapur,cuci pinggan, sentalkan sinki,kemas bilik or ape2 y berkaitan semasa langsungnya kesedihan tersebut.dan akan melayan perasaaan kesedihan itu bersama2 kerja2 tersebut.aduhai.sadis x bunyinye..huhu..sape2 y tgh bersedih boleh la cube.

sedih.nak balik.rindu umah..=(

kalam seorang kenalan.."mmg adat manusia akan merindui bila lama tak kembali..termasuklah syurga yang dah lama ditinggalkan oleh datuk kita Nabi Adam dahulu..." thanks for the reminder..

fikirlah y terbaik

benar seperti y tua2 lebih makan byk garam berbanding org muda2.dan mereka y makan lebih byk garam itu dah biase dgn kemasinan garam berbanding org muda2 y baru suam2 kuku mengenal kemasinan garam.. mereka lebih nampak the extent of the saltiness.. dgn sebab itu lah org muda2 perlu bertanyakan org tua2 when it comes to asking about experience, life,and some other things that concern.

dalam membuat sesuatu keputusan, long term view shudnt be forgotten.what's the impact gonna be look like.ade positive nye kah?atau ade negative nye melebihi positive jangka masa is all about making choice.make choice to buy outfit, to ask for someone's hand, to decide, and bla2..

dalam percanggahan pendapat, berlapanglah dada.kerna itu lebih menjamin kemaslahatan.selagimana xmelibatkan akidah.. raikan pendapat kerna dr situ akan membuahkan satu titik tolak y bernas..who knows?

saye kerap berfikir.mcm2.that sometimes i come a stage that i'm tired of it.and now, sy nak tido.dah kul 1.09am..

woha! =)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

sanah helwah to husna

ade sedikit unsur2 horror mlm ini.mlm besday husna.husna adalah spesies y cepat lelap di kamar nya.lebih2 lg selepas dinner.ada kedapatan status ym "jgn ngntuk lg.sket je lg" ataupun "tahan ye mata..jgn tido dulu" wa akhawatuha..

ade sedikit kelainan sambutan kali ini.kami ada warga baru.kawan baru.

he he he..kawan kami mencuit2 husna di malam jelmaan umurnya y baru.umur y berkepala baru.husna y dah diulit alam fantasi bahagia tercuit dgn cuitan kawan kami itu dalam kegelapan malam d biliknya.lalu menjerit keterkejutan.he he he.mission accomplished!

kek besday husna..

turut same menjamah kek..

kami warga shalalah berdoa agar harapan itu termakbul secepat mungkin..heheh jgn tunggu lame2!

and to the girls out there, kawan kami ni ckp

" dont do it at home!"

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

saye sayang keluarga saye =D

alhamdulillah..sejuta kesyukuran dirafakkan kepada tuhan y maha Esa..di atas segala kurniaan-Nya kpd hambaNya y sering leka ini..seringkali terlupa bahawa nikmat y dikurniaNya ke atas diri ini tersangat la banyak.bermacam2 nikmat termasuk nikmat keluarga y sering menyokong memotivasikan diri ke arah kejayaan, terus membantu tanpa jemu, ayah dan ma, abang2 kakak2 y sentiasa membantu, dan anak2 buah y sentiasa menceriakan diri ini..sungguh bahagia rasenye.bersyukur di atas nikmat keluarga y tiada tandingannya ini... =)

nur afifah: sem ni susah sket
nur afifah: aduh
abe: the difference between tau dan tak tau is only a thin line.
nur afifah: :D

mari bahagia bersama2..mari berjaya bersama2.. =)