Friday, June 30, 2006

flora therapheutic

home gardening can be some kind of theraphy where u find your soul in tranquility, calm, relief,mind soothing,etc when looking at those diff colours.and the olds folks relate all dis diff colours of flowers to 'mandi bunga',where can make u soothing n raise up ur 'seri muka' ,n scientifically it has been proven where those diff colours r due to diff wavelength @ frequency each of the flowers has meh la kite mandi bnga.hehe.n for my own satisfaction here goes the floras can be found at my s0-called garden.fauna also got,but 'it' was absent on the day the pictures were taken.the 'it' was the one found being the culprit for the extinction of my 16-days-old growing sad lor!wasn't around for some days n suddenly one day when i was home,then found everything was gone,being eaten by that 'it',n the 'it' was-->SIPUT BABI! see u on that day of Hereafter! (ada ke patut??)n till then,let's go gardening~best maa~

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

hadith Qudsi: Cinta Allah

Allah berfirman dlm Hadith Qudsi:

mereka y berteman satu sama lain kerana Aku,berhak memperoleh cinta-Ku dan emreka y saling membantu antara satu samanya, kerna Aku , berhak memperoleh cinta-Ku. Dan tiadalah seorang mukmin (pria atau wanita) berserah diri kerana Allah atas kematian tiga org dr anak kandungnya y belum dewasa pasti Allah memasukkannya ke dalam syurga dengan limpahan kurnia rahmat-Nya.
(HGR Thabarani dlm kitab al-Ausath dab as-saghir.dr amr,'anbasah r.a)

adapun org y dicinai dan dikasihi Allah kita ungkapkan dr al-Quran sbg berikut:
1~org y sabar
Allah benar2 mengasihi org2 y sabar (Ali-Imran : 146)

2~org2 y bersatu padu berperang di jalan Allah.
Sesungguhnya Allah mengasihi mereka y berperang pd jalanNya, berbaris lurus seolah2 mereka bangunan y tersusun rapi (as-soff : 4)

3~org y adil
Sesungguhnya Allah mencintai org2 y berlaku adil (al-Hujurat : 9)

4~org y bertawakkal
Sesungguhnya Allah mencintai org y bertawakkal ( kepadaNya ) (ali-imran : 159)

5~org y berbuat baik
Sesungguhnya Allah mencintai org2 y berbuat baik (al-baqarah : 195)

6~org y taqwa
sesungguhnya Allah mencintai org2 y taqwa (ali-imran :76)

di dalam hadits lain disebutkan bhw barangsiaa y kehilangan dua org anak (kerana meninggal) ia akan mdapat syurga.HR bukhari menerangkan sbg berikut :

pria wanita telah mengusulkan kepada nabi s.a.w "cubalah tentukan utk kami satu hari (utk memberikan pelajaran)"lalu ditentukan suatu hari dan beliau menasihati mereka dgn sabdanya: " siapa saja wanita y telah ditinggal tiga org anak ( y belum akil baligh ), maka ketiga anak tersebut menjadi dinding(rintangan ) dr neraka.Berkatalah di antara wanita itu: "ya Rasulallah bagaimann kalau dua org?"sabda nabi:"dan dua org juga".

rujukan: Hadith Qudsi:khm ali usman-HAA dahlan ,dr HMD dahlan
(pustaka al-azhar KL)

Friday, June 9, 2006

blaja bhsa

mari memperkayakan bahasa..bljr mandarin.

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shud u interested then gv a buzz to this number -> 03-2171 1776

Thursday, June 8, 2006

a cup f tea?

gone through some articles about islamic world,islamic issues,world conflicts,politics n thing that really made me 'keciwa',the sunni n shi'ah divergence..groups of muslims that adore that the same God the Almighty,n the same Prophet p.b.u.h,but instead they are opposition of each other.although i dun really hv the clear idea the reason for their repellation,but as far as i concern,they hv their own 'holy thingy'..maqam,'org suci',etc..their divergence is really a barrier for their own development..builiding their own 'great wall'.. then when is the time they gonna be in the same tea table having a cup of tea (r they drinking tea?) with some topics to be discussed about, or shaking hand n hugging b4 leaving each other,or anythng u hv in mind..

i recalled an interview made btwn the local mass with a minister of Palestin,Hamas,where he claimed that they the Palestinian authority were now made a deal of opening the opportunity for outsiders to go to Palestin by using their own rules,instead of the ones set by America,but sorry,i'm not sure what's the rules are all about.and also,to repay the debt of some billions they owe to some countries include western countries,he said,"we (PA) need to be independent; make a collaboration with the arabic islamic countries n islamic countries for development,n here we are in malaysia"<--lebih kurg camnila ayat die.xsempt nk tape.hahaha. ( memcapub:thumbs-up to my fren,marlisa for boycotting pizza..huhuhu!) bagus la kan,finally the idea of cooperating in trading of any field among islamic countries@muslim-populated countries are nowbeing implemented.(",) yummmmmieyy~

Monday, June 5, 2006

sunflower has been so great to succesfully get what i am looking for all this while..i search and ask for it at every gardening shop i encounter..sana sinun..

"kak,sunflower seed ada x?" "xde la dik.." :(

keep on searching as far as pkns bangi when i was there for a roadshow..(what!!i'm joining roadshow!waaweeeeeee~!!)n ade ke patut kak indon kat situ xknal sunflower..hish,,ada ptut??
and finally some weeks ago at Giant subang jaya the day when i joined my sist n her fmly for a shop then i found a flower corner,here it came.."tauke,sunflower seed ada x?""ha ada,sanaa..."(yeaaaaaaaaayy~!!)waaweeeee....~

maka dcucuk tanamlah all the seeds.'walakin',afte some days it grown up releasing up its very first tiny leaf,then one day my nephew claimed to my other fmly members,"amin nmpak ada tumbuh pokok tembikai kat tepi pagar tu.."

aaaaada ke patut die kate aku nye pokok kesayangan pokok tembikai??xpatut..xpatut...dgn pnuh smnangat aku tanam aade ke patut die kate tu die nye pkok tmbikai..hish2..

maka ini lah die pokoknye y tmasuk arini baru berusia 6hari..every 3days i give 'em snapshot..just for my own satisfaction,watching 'em grow taller and taller day by day..(",)

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more pics will be uploaded later as the days passed by n the flower grow even taller..gotcha!cant wait watching 'em growing up to the max!

Friday, June 2, 2006

give it up for the Day after tomorrow~

In this life the most difficult thing to do we can say is to sacrifice or give up our rights. What it means is we are fighting for our rights and if possible we would like to have the rights of others. This is how it is when our nafs are wild, when nafs have controlled our lives and when nafs have overpowered us.Not only are we not able to sacrifice our rights but we long to gain the rights belonging to other people. This is too individualistic, very selfish indeed. ]

If these feelings are maintained then it is difficult for one to accept the truth, difficult for one to love and care for others, difficult for one to work together with others and difficult for one to be loyal to anyone. where goes the hadith
" la yu'minu ahadukum hatta yuhibbu li akhiihi ma yuhibbu linafsihi"
none of you (truly) believes until he wishesfor his brother what he wishes for himself..
And yet we aim to gain God's acceptance (redha), to get His love and care, to get His rewards, then we need to give up or sacrifice our rights. If we are unwilling to sacrifice our rights then we do not deserve to be a mukmin, we do not deserve to be a man of God.The rights could be our time, the right could be our wealth, the right could be our health, the right could be our relaxation, the right could be our comfort. If we are willing to give up all these rights, that is where the God's love comes from, His huge rewards and His forgiveness. Some of these rights we give them up for God, while some of these rights we give them up for our fellow mankind, our friends, neighbours, our children, our wives, our leaders and others. and should we are not yet getting what we are dying for,then be patient bcoz i deeply believe in these two God sayings "
"la tay-asuu mir-rauhillah"
dun u ever give up for His rahmah ( help )
"wa bashshiri as-soobiriin"
and the good news is for those in patience