Wednesday, April 22, 2009


kerinduan pada keluarga y lebih2 lg menebal ketika terlantar sakit.. T_T

"salam 3afifa this can be typhoid or paratyphoid i think u must start bactiflox 500 twice daily and any paracetamol for symptoms and plenty of fluids i hope u will be good insha allah" - dr sameh regal

saya malas utk menulis more about typhoid. sape2 ade davidson medicine boleh bukak mukasurat 324-325, otherwise u might find wiki is the fastest way.xpun google jer

this text with no fullstop reminds me of my mother..bak kata adik sy, mcm tulisan kitab lama bace panjang berjela tiada henti tiada sodaqollahul-adzim ihikhik

Friday, April 17, 2009


Some USIM students came all the way from Malaysia to bumi Mansurah for observation & studying purpose had already gone back after 10days stay, among which one of them was my relative.
Jangan tinggalkan kami ! kami mau pulang ke Malizia jua!
[atas: USIM, bwh : MU Stud (y cute2) ]

(ade org kate budak2 mansurah cute2, no offence lol)

It’s good for her to come, since we can replenish our stok serai, stok halia, stok sup bunjut, stok daun limau purut etc. juga bagus utk jiwa2 y merindui org malizi.thank you abe e for the kiriman and thank you amirah for being the post girl sengihnampakgigi

We’re just finished up Hepatitis case, where the doctor which is a board member of Asian Pacific Association of the Liver Disease claimed that, Hepatitis A cases in Egypt is almost 100%, which means all those small kids up to old folks are actually hep A patients/ carriers. And something to mind for all Malaysian students in Egypt, u might be infected as well if u are keen enough of eating outside ( means any local restaurant, or kedai2 3asir d tepi jalanan y use the same glass for all the customers, or kedai2 makan y less hygienic etc ). So it’s advisable if u can prepare your own food, or lessen the frequency of eating outside, or not to drink/eat using the same glass/plate the shop provides, and the most important thing, get your vaccination!

“ Its something related to environment, cleanliness, hygiene, that’s why its prevalent in Egypt. Because our people are not clean. This is the only people in the world, that go to the water passages, for urination n defecation, in the water canal, and using the water to clean themselves. And they pray afterwards. Since thousand yrs, and they never change. Be ‘proud’.”

“ It’s very important for the young doctors to know, that we have to be clean. And these cleanliness and better hygiene have negative impact on health. better hygiene negative impact on health. When age shifted up, acute hepatitis become serious. So our dirty children having acute hepatitis in the street, this pass unnoticed and they become immune. But if they become clean, living inside clean houses, eating clean food, they are not immune. When they start going to secondary school n start eating outside the house, in unclean restaurant n all restaurants are unclean, they will catch acute hep A and acute hep A in your age is fatal, almost fatal. That’s why , hygiene has –ve impact. This is against all the rules. But this is Egypt. U should learn the culture of Egypt. It’s not written in the book.”topi

Sarcastic senses throughout the lecture. excessive enough to make us laughing, over the ‘joke’ if u may describe it as one.xpasti

O yes, just to say this, studying with some big sweet strawberries in a bowl and put one into your mouth just when it’s tempting enough, is a total bliss. I just cant wait to leave Egypt to miss this moment.