Wednesday, May 16, 2007

hakikat sebuah ZIARAH

my brother passed me this emel from his friend,particularly expressing his gratitude towards his friends whom paying him a visit during his bad days due to heart problem,where he was admitted for a surgery..berikut adalah emel y berkenaan but the names involved are being changed to practice the concept of privacy..:D

"Attention: ZK,hospital G - CONCLUSION Salam everyone. Firstly, terima-kasih bebanyak kawan-kawan semua sebab berkat doa'-doa' anda, I pulled through this ordeal in one piece, alhamdulillah. I would like to mention my special thanks to sahabat-sahabat kita that made the time to ziarah orang uzur ni (yang sekarang dah sihat, alhamdulillah) i.e. A, B, C(+ companion), D, E, Dr. DE, F, G, HI, JK, LM ---> you guys made my day! Thanks! To the people who actually came but were unable to visit due to CCU time restriction like NO+wife and PQ, my apologies. And to the calls and SMS's from R, Q, Dr. R, S, T, thank you bros. They were certainly uplifting. Forgive me if I've left out any names. That's probably due to the morphin that's still in my system. One thing's for sure, it's clearer to me now why we even receive 'pahala' for visiting 'uzur' people. I've now been transferred to the normal ward (since Friday). So, the worst is over, alhamdulillah and I'm feeling & breathing a lot better now. I should be discharged by either monday or tuesday. I noticed in the string of emails that there were some misconceptions & misinformations that were allowed to brood.
Kalau ada yang minat nak tahu, I'd be happy to share my experiences i.e. the 4W&1H, otherwise, thank you all once again. Warmest regards, ZK P/s Kita tak pernah takut kematian. We just fear that we've not done enough yet, 'dunia' & 'akhirat'..

itulah die hakikat sebuah ziarah..menziarahi org sakit.i suddenly recalling back the quote where saying that doa from the person that we're visiting is even mustajab.when we go visiting any particular sick individual then we actually shud ask that person to wish us anything good,ask him to pray for goodness of us etc.doa org y diziarahi adalah mustajab jua.hmm..itulah die keindahan Islam.menziarahi org sakit akan bawak satu impak +ve kpd pesakit tuh. kasik UP psychological condition die..penting itu.satu perkara y x bleh dipandang enteng kerana memang terbukti keadaan psikologi itu can gv a significance difference in the patient's current condition..okes?

suddenly teringt the moments when we from mansurah visited dato duta in cairo who collapsed for 12hours due to health prob that is unknown to me..
dato duta msia ke mesir [ dato zainal abidin abd kadir]

Thursday, May 3, 2007

tear-dropping vid

lagu/vid y cukup menghibakan.menyentuh perasaan.sadis.sayu.lbih2 lg buat y jauh dr mata kedua ibubapa.*sob*