Sunday, June 22, 2008


today's exam was supposedly being started at 2.30pm, but then postponed for about 10minutes.the reason was : the first 5 pages of the question sheets consisted of questions, and mind me, answers as well, (impossible is nothing here in egypt :) ). some students attempted to copy the answers straight away to the answer sheet, but unfortunately their answer sheets were collected back then. no chance oredi. 10 minutes later another copies of question papers were distributed in the midst of the exam hours.the same questions but with no answer. which i remembered that the answer for the 1st question is E. [ haha ] but seeing those questions one after another,i'd say there were all craps.. :(( pray so that i answered those craps riight.. huk.

one thing that impressed me to date was, when the students were having hard times with the papers ( saye la tu ) there'll be one 3ammu, coming here and there, back n forth with a jug of water and some plastic cups, offering " 3auzza mayyah? " ( nak air?), n for this unpleasant hot day,n not bringing my own bottle of water, i asked him one. " auzza.." where in the world u can find this service provided during the exam hours? and again, impossible is nothing here in egypt.. :) i'm gonna miss u pakcik for that cup of water.. lusa nnti nak lg..and lusa selepas lusa pun nak lg..lusa lepas lusa lepas lusa dah xnak dah.sbb lusa lepas lusa tu adalah paper terakhir lusa lepas lusa lepas lusa tu ktrg dah xde kt gama3ah dah.kami dah merayap ke cairo kot, beli brg2 utk bawak balik buat mak ayah, abg kakak, adik2, n anak2 (saudara) kt umah..xsabar! ^_^

senarai brg2 dlm list, ( dr hari ke hari ade je kiriman baru )

1. perfumes.. (akam)
2.batu permata ( k.dah, abe, abe din)
3.kitab ausoofun-nabi (ayah)
4.sticker kereta uni azhar (ayah) -mane nak cari? huhu
5.habbatus-sauda ( kak )
6.Barakah ( ma )
7.sedosen keychain unta or coklat. ( utk anak2 [buah] ) - nanti dah byk duit nnti baru la cikpah beli tshirt ek. pokai cikpah nk beli tshirt byk2 gini. dah jumpe telaga minyak kt blakang umah nnti cikpah beli satu bazar khan el-khalili tu siap.
8.baju ayah (dah beli)
9.telekung solat arab
10.cenderahati utk jiran2..
11, ... (paih nak ape?)
12.selipar kulit? (ma n akam)-mane nak carik?? isk

doakan sy menghadapi exam pd 24 n 26hb ni nanti..huhu.muge dipermudahkan and najah hendaknya.. :)

paan kasik..sankiu paan! ^_^

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