Saturday, February 23, 2008

that day

there will come a day where u find it hard to get up,
finding a stand where u can hold on it but it's not there,
looking for a freedom but it's always hectic that chasing after u,
searching for a true & frank companionship but it can't always be right by your side,
there will come that day,
that will make u much stronger,
teaching u how to stand on your own even greater,
making u realize that life isnt always that make u happy,
holding your faith where it shud be,
keeping u still when u r about to fall,
calming u down when u found no tranquility at all,
after that day,
u'll know how to smile in the midst of topsy turvy life that just falling upon u,
coz its not worth just to say 'i cant take this anymore',
live up your life,coz it's your life....

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