Thursday, February 7, 2008

mari makan belera

Coming back from Sinai or our landlord pronounced it as ‘sainai’, our neighbour downstairs rang the house bell. tingtong. hehe. hence giving us some kind of soup. it was barley soup. warm. n totally finger licking good. they called it ‘belera’, meant to be eaten during winter. n aritu lepas hantarkan spaghetti kt baba and jiran bwh kami itu y sy lupe name die ape [or let’s call her Cun] y mempunyai sorg anak y comel name Ra’a,

“that day the soup u’re giving us,that barley soup, can we know how u made it? we like it very much” hehe seraya membuat muke innocent.

“o yeah.welcome. maybe u can come in first.”

“oh.ok” sekali lg buat muke innocent. kehkeh.. While the other three escaped n saying

“we’re going down to give these to baba first n will come back”..seraya menjejakkan kaki ke umah baba utk menkasik biskut n lepas tu, ana tunggu punye tunggu korg xdtg2 yek. Kan dah xleh minum air tea susu panas y sedap itu.hahaha. a long conversation we had. She’s staying downstairs with her lil sister Youmna n her cute daughter Ra’a. Youmna – pharmacy undergrad while Cun’s in commerce postgrad, while her husband worked abroad. Before leaving, Cun gave me a packet of vanilla and a bottle of barley and some cinnamons. Oh, baiknye dieeee…

How to make the soup? it’s just so simple.

Boil the barley with cinnamon. Soon as the barley cooked n enlarged, pour up some fresh milk together with vanilla, n maybe some sugar if u wish to. I liiiike!

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