Sunday, April 2, 2006


stepping out of my room..

"TAP!!" heard some kind of sound,smthg falling down from above.
staring at the jumped!!

"argh!!! KATAAAAAAAAAAAAAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

this kind of katak is the one that i most afraid of.the kind yg sgt lembik,n y bleh lompat some inches@ metres forward... ngeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! geliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! dun hv an idea where this katak coming from.never ever exist in this house.cant afford to go the kitchen tough.dun hv the guts.feeling like some kind of current flowing through my nerves.evthg mix up.paralysed.need to go to kitchen.wanna cook maaaaa.but there at the kaki kerusi of the meja makan the katak adhere to.should i go,then how about if suddenly the katak jump some more>>ngeeeeeeeeee~.cannot!i stood waiting.keeping an eye on the katak,from afar,for sure!but the katak was still there.even after 1,2,3minutes.but this evening,i had just eaten buah katakpuru.has it anything to do with this katak?oo man!

oh,katak!please go away laaaa~

here i front of the comp.briefing you the very moment happend some minutes ago.tired of starin at the katak then i came here la.i dunno wat the katak do right now.but cant afford to think wat @ where the katak is.dun want to n katak are not meant to be n katak are incompatible to each other.i dun like katak.katak is always a katak.n katak will always be the most (....) creature i afraid of.i dun like katak.dun will never be.oh katak,u mess up my night.i dun like katak.

pray me that the katak will go n go..oh,katak,dun ever gv my eyes a chance to see u again..ngeeeee~

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buah katak puru~

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