Saturday, December 4, 2010

saya suka mendengar dan membaca benda2 y 'hebat', idealistic dan membina, juga suke membaca mengenai politik namun politik, i mean those with dirty play has always been so nonsense and annoying so selalu mendatangkan kemenyampahan, tmbh2 lg didnt really have much time to spend on the news. so lately terasa agak isolated dgn perkembangan dunia semasa.

suka mendengar kalam2 prof madya Dr Muhaya for shes always being so optimistic and her words most of the time are positive dan motivating, not to mention shes a specialist cum motivator. currently resuming reading dale carnegie's book- how to enjoy your life and your job, not that big n thick but still i didnt manage to finish it within a year. ok i bought it last year. there are series of dale carnegie's book. knowing that I'm reading carnegie's book, a friend suggests me to read 'how to win friends and influence people', telling that its a good book with some tips to be more effective while communicating, hence beneficial enough for a doctor and doc-to-be in capturing patient's attention. it's important to make a patient fell comfortable with you hence making case clerking a lot easier and patient isnt reluctant to make regular visits n come

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