Wednesday, October 22, 2008

macik gambare n pacik zabadi

sebuah entri di kala bosan2 pas study =p(study le sgt!) nerd

i know that one day i'm gonna miss egypt, mansurah in particular for what it beholds eventhough i cant wait to leave egypt finishing my study here.tired of being here.being at home is always the best thing for me.being there for about 2months during the summer break is yet far from enough.i want more! i want more!duit

i'm gonna miss these particular things..

"aiwah gambaaaareee~ " the eerie and blast sound that this one n only ablah(makcik) said out loud in the midst of the midnight, somewhere around 12 was never failed to make me cry nangih to death dek kerna terharu n terkesima plus rs klaka y amat ihikhik the moment i heard those sometimes chilly call.i just cant describe how the wordcry sounds but her cry is the one n only of its kind.bleh dapat paten kalau diregisterkan.n i'd love to imitate her unique kalau non-mansurahian wanna hear those cry, come to syare3 samannoudi n stay somewhere here until the clock clicks at 12, n u gonna enjoy my favouritest sound of the world.angkatkening macik!i love you! i vote for u macik! =p

i'll be laughing whenever recalling those sounds of the 'musics' back..

whenever it reaches 12-1am, another call will come up apart of my fav macik's,which belongs to a pacik..men2

"aiwah zabaaaaaaaaadiiiiiiii..3esh feenooo" aduhai..maunye sy nangis terharu.mereka sgt sepadan.makcik gambare and pakcik zabadi.they own that high pitch voices that those singing reality shows adore for, be it "malaysian idol" or :american idol"..i'm certain about this-they will win should they get into those reality show!

ha!sy baru menangkap suara2 mereka y memulakan rutin rs cam nk nangis keterharuan!nangih macik, i'm a big fan of u!

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