Monday, September 8, 2008

jgn ilang hala tuju

dont judge a book by its cover.ppl might look so stable physically, seems so contented n blessed with his/her life,but who knows, deep down inside one might lose her track n still look for what is her ultimate goal in life.everybody seems to be so 'ok' but the true colour is so differenttakbole..there are many of them actually, n they are none other than just ppl next to us...

God has created us with the 'fitrah' of adoring god,bowing ourself to Him..hold those two(Q&S) firm and u'll find the real tranquility in u.. angel


izzati.abdullah said...

btol tu kak pah..we dun know ape yg ade deep inside org lain..luaran nmpk cam xde dalaman ya Allah..tgh tunggu nk pecah je..dah koyak n carik sana sini..

above all this..yg pntg kuatnya bergantungan pada Allah..biar la kita sendirian pn tp jgn kita rasa kita seorang..kerana kita ada Allah..

tetibe rindu maw pulang ke mesir..hehe..c u nnt ye!!

afifah.ahmad said...

^_^ btol2.Dia ciptakan kite dan Dia turunkan skali manual utk kite ikut to run the life..

zati!cepat balik sini.akk jeles zati lame2 kt msia! haha

izzati.abdullah said...

hahaha..jgn jeles!!!