Monday, May 26, 2008

Mana Specialist Melayu?

medical specialist.what do u expect in it? in private hospitals, u will notice many non-malay especially chinese specialist doctors dominate the specific field available.

here come the food of thoughts :

abe: specialist.. cina saja
abe: mana tuan-tuan melayu semua

there goes some counterbacks :

most of malay specialist doctors prefer to stay low down.working at general hospital rendering their service to the public at a cost they can afford at which the doctors just feel contented for the salary they received.only some of them choose to work at private hospitals and enjoying the high incomes..


actually the number of malay specialists are not that many than that of non-malay! haa..mane mau pilih buk? kalau sy pilih dua2?

utterly only some bunches of them (us)are specialists.

do some checkouts

specialists Pantai Cheras Med Centre

specialist Pantai Med Centre

specialist Pantai Klang Med Centre

or just browse through Pantai Holdings Berhad and u can find list of hospitals under the on it n search for its respective specialists.or shud u want it to be more global,then choose this Association of Private Hospitals of whatever u wanna do then.till then,enjoy surfing!

say so-called politician-in-the-making: hey, stop being racist!

credits to abe basir.rajin sungguh mengesurf.muncha gracias..and Good Luck for your diploma in Tasawwur Islam exam eventhough u'll be in Miri on that day?hehe..

2 comments: said...

akak, toi gak ckp akak. kat spital tmpat my dads keja pon ade 2 je melayu yg specialist, one chinese muslim,; anesthesiologist+general surgeon and O&G surgeon. lain suma cina+indian je. uhuk.
Dun forget bapak Yah yer. heee~ uncle nasiruddin orthopedic surgeon tuuu~ wuhuu!
dak egypt! jom ramai2 jadik specialist..!

afifah.ahmad said...

jom2!! hee ^_^
btw for the girls jgn lupe jd lg satu specialist.mommy thing? haha