Friday, July 3, 2009

meh la join~

oh, seminar perubatan Islam kembali selepas pertama kali diadakan pada thun 2007 xsilap. of the same topics and contents, i guess what makes it different is the speakers- name2 y hebat.; ust salman, ust nasrul ( i used to attend his ta3lim on tauhid and was like 'wa, mantaap ust neh! ) and 2org lg nama y sy xketahui. inputs come out of their mouths are gonna be different from previous speakers since some of them are of different field of study. for the previous seminar, the fee was about 25genih if im not mistaken, but for this very seminar held during summer break, it's merely just 10genih. oh my, murah teramat sungguh sangat! ( Dr Safiah Karim, jgn marah saya! ^^, )

mau daftar ngak? meh la join~

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