Saturday, July 18, 2009

retrieve back your files from the corrupted disk

test disk adalah sebuah software u can use to recover all the files lost due to corrupted disk. ha, maka jgn bermuram durja lg jika tibe2 ur disk corrupted and no other means to access your files.

download dari SINI. bile dah install software ni, die akan create its own file. pilih icon shown below for the recovery process.

double-click on the icon and the below window will appear.

1. gunekan arrow up & down, pilih create & enter
2. pilih name/jenis external hard disk kamu & choose proceed

3. tekan saje enter

4. tekan enter lagi

5. bile sampai part ni, move arrow to the side and choose backup

6. part ni choose 'No' so press the letter N on the keyboard
7. choose list files so press the letter P

8. come to this part, all those files available in your disk will be listed down.
press Y letter to allow the recovery process. Chosen item will be saved into the software file.

9. while recovery process is in progress, dun interrupt by pressing any keys,
as the red notification denotes "copying, please wait"
so just tunggu sampai process men'copying' abeh.
later bile dah abeh die akan kuar tulisan kaler ijau, written process complete ke ape tah.
then repeat sampai sume files dah direcover.

ha, selamat berbahagia getting all your files back! ^^


Jackster® said...

wah ini menarik, mane jumpe =D

afifah.ahmad said...

got the software from taqi.. but taqi ajar cara lain, cara tu xleh recover sume file.. akk godek2 and find the way myself.. :D