Wednesday, March 11, 2009

penat y berbaloi sekiranya..

yes, the new semester is so tiring.the first event will be at the faculty, then we'll be moving to either dept or to the GIT center depend on which group we're in but at the end of 4th week we'll all go to both dept and GIt center. for those suppose to be in GIT centre groups will be a lil luckier bcause afer the clinical training is the clinical seminar which is held at the centre, while those in dept groups will have to rush to the centre,n currently i'm in that group! T_T. after clinical seminar we hv some session at the faculty again, whter PBL or skill lab. can u imagine how tiring the life is?rs cam nak beli basikal aje, xpun beli moto cam apang tu.haha =p to make it worse, soon the schedule will be started at 8.30am instead of 9am.xpasti saye rase saye perlukan pil penambah tenaga, balik umah je rase cam lembik.( oye, aritu baru aje ternampak minuman tongkat ali power root tu kt wekala tir3ah )

bila penat2 gini, perlu kite renungkan kembali niat kite bergelumang dalam ape2 arena y kite ceburi. sekiranya apa y dilakukan bukan kerna-Nya, alangkah ruginya.. penat itu hanyalah sia2 tanpa sedikit pun pandangan dr Nya..kan?

kami bermain2 dalam OT.

"now we're gonna pull out the rectum.. bla2 "

okey.saye mau tido.


Anonymous said...


I can see u guys are still jovial in the OT despite everything is tiring but keep holding ur strength on. By God-willing, He will ease out all difficulties hindering our tracks. There's a lot more challenges after this. Life's just beginning.

afifah.ahmad said...

that jovial is just in the beginning of the session..soon after u finish all the class u'll feel like sleeping while walking home ( exaggerate! keh3 )

Anonymous said...

pipah my fwen..u should come over here..have a look at our OT suits...very unique ma!! at posterior view ingat telletubbies..hehhhe..NICE!!