Monday, March 23, 2009


About 9pm last night abe e sms-ed, “p.ngah dah meninggal, 2am td” which means about half an hour before the sms was sent. Pak ngoh was my father’s brother.The news wasn’t a much surprise to me, since he was a diabetic and yes, he got his leg cut since some time ago I couldn’t recall how many yrs it had been .I’m not that close with him neither-even he didn’t recognize me which is which, al-maklumlah sudah tua. going back to Msia last summer, I spent some days in KL before heading back to kelate, and paying him a visit together with my sister. He could still remember my sister, but barely not remember me. Lagipun I’m amongst warga2 muda in family. So those come latter are always not being recognized. That’s normal. Kami kan masih kecik. =p luckily makngoh had her children around her. They’re living close to each other. Except mardhiyah yang belum kawen lg staying with her. (jgn kawen lagi tau. Tunggu I balik dulu,xpun tunggu I kawen dulu =p)

Makngoh used to insist pakngoh on going back to kelate, staying there for good, but he refused to. I don’t know the reason why. Ade sket unsur2 psycho dimainkan, namun pakngoh sticked to his decision. “ saudara2 semua kt Kelantan, tanah pun kt sane, nak duduk sini sampai mati ke?” and that’s what happening then. Even though we have bunches of relatives in KL, but there’re bunches more in Kelantan. Now I can get the reasons behind why most parents especially Kelantan would rather have their children married to the spouse of the same negeri- one of them- they can easily be there for each other in any kinds of circumstances. Thus explain on how my in-laws so far are all from Kelantan. Me? Tgk je la nanti camne =p. Only God knows.

So it’s now left only ayh, her sister who lives just within walking distance from our house and his brother which is in Kuantan. Alhamdulillah none of them is diabetic. Even my father at the age of 64 complained of no elderly diseases. Everything is just within normal fitness, clear bill of health. It’s not surprising since he had been a little fussy on his food intake- he wont eat food cooked yesterday, so each time pun ma will cook something for him, or else he can sense it ‘ ni kari semalam eh?” “nil auk kelmarin ke?” mmg psychic! Satu lagi kemestian ayah mase kerja2 dulu, mmg habit die utk makan madu during breakfast, usually madu dengan roti. U can find prophet’s narration on this habit. A habit I just about to start off, yet I dun know how long I’m gonna istiqamah with this ( I know I wont be that long but it’s worth trying kan ) =p

Jutaan takziah to Makngoh, kak emi, abe cuin, abe syahir and mardiyah. Only some regards I can send from here, just couldnt join the crowd being there for u. Abe & family, kak & family, and abe e & family are there, enough to represent us showing much condolences, the least we can do.

Every beginning will meet an end.
Every living soul will die someday.
kullu nafsin za2iqotul-maut


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actually its not a surprising fact if a person develops other complications that associate with DM.

diabetes pnye long term complication includes diabatic nephropathy (which explains the kidney failure)+ vascular disease (maybe the heart attack/MI)+ menda2 lain yg extremely fatal.

anyways, really sorry to hear about your uncle kak pips :(

so~ lets eat healthy and amalkn healthy lifestyle!
which is extremely hard to do if you happen to live in egypt @_@

afifah.ahmad said...

yes, i do realize about it.

ye!makanlah makanan y sehat dan menyehatkan! :D

Anonymous said...

byk hikmah rupenye ore tuo x stuju sgt nikoh nga ore luar nih...hurmm tapi bumi tuhan ni luas..jodoh pon tuhan tentukan..sume qada' n qadar dia..smuga kita semua diberi kekuatan..

afifah.ahmad said...

hehe ye bumi tuhan ni mmg luas..penuh dgn flora dan fauna..

bukankah elok kalau ade diversification?? :D

but sometimes i think we shud do something with this..:D mari pecahkan rekod? hehe