Tuesday, January 6, 2009


exam is approaching, and as usual it'll be the moment where i'll be thinking about something weird u may say..
  1. suddenly always thinking of updating blog on most issues but managed to stop myself from doing so
  2. just bought myself a brand new comforter 2days ago after selling my not-that-old lihaf off to others and making it worse, that comforter was like loving me so much in which it can hardly let me out of it, giving me much warmth n making me feel like ' buddy, it's winter no more~' setan jatuh cinta dgn comforter tersebut semasa menemankan jr INTEC, Musfirah dan suami from Jordan, ke sikkah one night bersopping2, mereka datang bertandang ke sini some weeks ago.and to add up, the comforter is worth buying~ topi
  3. ideas of decorating and designing suddenly overwhelming.. those ideas always come up on the wrong moment of time blur
currently not holding any position in the society after declining those offers, but still recently was assigned to be one of the committees for Mansoura University's Student Guidance Book, particularly in illustration n designing division (which is of my interest that i can hardly give it up urgh~ ) and also being the treasurer for PERUBATAN's Sport Day in which Mansoura has the honor to host such big event, and mind me, my exam is on January 22, 27 and 29, whereas the Sport Day is on 31st! aigoo~ ayah pesan jgn busykan sgt diri, tp anak ayah ni xleh duk diam la~sengihnampakgigi

to be frank i felt like not being 'me' when running my daily life with no meeting awaiting me,no more my10genih credit finished in just a day or two, topping up some more and in a glance i run out of it again, and no more going here n there as i used to be.. there used to be a day where i supposed to attend 3 meetings blur but luckily one was postponed, i went for one and skipped the other one jelir

the moment when we feel like we're the busiest buddy of all, believe me there're many others busier than we do.. that day when i dealt with that pacik at the gawazat to get my visa settled, i almost burst into tears (actually i had =p) for all those crappy things came one after another.. really dead meat- i skipped my class for that, was asked to photocopy things after another which i found so unnecessary, went in n out for several times, that finally i sighed in front of that pacik.. hari y paling bolok! n that pacik questioned over my sigh. " why? dun sigh~" trying to cheer me up although he's the one to ruin my day. but then to think it over, he went through tougher days dealing with tonnes of faces with tonnes of problems and behaviours of ppl coming in n out.. n he deserved it more should he wanted to burst out, and might wanna giving up that pretty hectic job.
n what makes him giving in his job? it's the patience over things walk upon you.. it's all patience that can make u stand with your say, topsy-turvy day~. patience, ppl.. God will never test u with something unbearable to u..

the lesson is,

jgn perasan kita y paling sibuk. ada org lain lg sibuk

jgn perasan kita y paling susah.ada org lain lg susah

jgn perasan kita y paling hebat,ada org lain lg hebat

jgn perasan jgn perasan jgn perasan~senyumkenyit ihikhik

sama2 doakan utk saudara2 di Gaza sana..
sama2 boikot mereka2 y sekongkol menganiaya sedara2 kite sume..

mode: merindui kawan2 cilik y lebih sedozen itu love
kiri: ade pertambahan kpd muka2 y terpapar
kanan : kakngah n kakak in 2006

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