Thursday, January 29, 2009

anecdot 2

Alhamdulillah everything ended up well.

1. As for SSC [ Student Selective Component] for semester 5 we had to come up with 2 posters for each PBL group. Something new to come up with. the contents of the poster were derived from doctor's journals. and it's quiet troublesome to get things done because you need to make sure that the summarization/points taken from the journal wont change much or else u gonna ruin the original article. it's about to practise preserving the originality of one's article. not a single word shud be added without permission, nor meaning of some particular sentence shud be altered.

some groups with their respective poster

2. sem 6 will be started as clinical phase, where it'll take about exactly 4months for the whole semester, which means, our semester will be completed somewhere in july and, the worst thing is, sem7 will be commenced on sept 1st 2009, which also means, no Hari Raya in Msia this yr, again! maka alkisahnya, sape2 y dpt chance utk beraya ngn family silelah gunekan sepenuhnya jika anda xmau merindui saat2 beraya ngn family bersama lelehan air mata nan membasahi bumi u r currently mau balik raya kt rumah! nangihnangihnangihnangihnangih

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