Tuesday, January 27, 2009


1. 2 papers had passed off..another one to go on january 29 then will be off for a holiday [fadilah ckp holiday means revision! siul ] the last paper is on OSCE, hope it will be easier so as being a compensation mechanism to the previous 2 doa doakan! on feb 3rd or 4th will be away for some days to luxor-aswan insyaAllah.. topi a self-reliance journey of a bunch of baru-lepas-dr-penjara like girls, diam

2. a junior is about to going back to Msia this winter break, and he lived in Kota Kemuning katenye, just a few distant away from my brother's and sister's house [mereka baru bjiran] in Berjaya Park, berkira2 mau mengirim something dkt kanak2 ; jubah kecik utk Arash, kasik kt arash saje kang abg die jeles, kasik kt abg n arash je kang kakak jeles,eh tu baru satu umah..umah kak plak ade afiq alia awah, (xkasik kt atiq pun xpe lg.atiq masiih kecik, belum ngerti perasaan "aalaa die dapat..sy mau jugee" jelir)
thats the common dilemma when it comes to buying some token for the kids..nk kasik to certain ones je rs cam xbest lak..mau beli kt sume kene tgk budget gak..duit last2 decide to buy this, kalau jadi..

ni umah cikpah nye.sbb anak2 buah cikpah sume comel cam ladybird or cam cikpah jelirmaka cikpah will buy the same for u..hehe

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