Friday, April 18, 2008


dimulakan dgn bismillah.

it's a norm when we live together with some bunches of friends which we hv known for some years(or just a year) there'll be some time where dissatisfaction arises n from there a crack start to appear in between the friendship built. single thing that is just a lil tiny matter that supposedly be ignored suddenly be counted in following that unease feeling ignited. as this circumstance develops, we shud consider back on how we treat others b4 we keep on accusing the other party for what he/she didnt do,doesnt it sound so unfair? =)

my dear sisters & friends.'s not even a sin to put our ego low down but it's being smart & pious . God has narrated, those putting his pride low down here fid-dunya Allah will raise up his dignity in the Hereafter.. "I am what my servants think I am". put your full trust on Him and He will look up to u.. =)

2.blame yourself b4 blaming others..this will solve all the problems. find the way to start it all back if situation becomes unfavourable.

3.give some times to yourself to resume your true self and get improved. when laptop gets so hot bcoz of the nonstop usage, at the end it'll black out at instant.[ just like mine :(( ]

4.say sorry if u r ought to and be forgiving if u r asked to. give your friend her right as in "i3ti kulla zhi haqqin haqqahu" [gv the right to whom it belongs to]

sayangilah ukhuwah y dititip..tiada nilaian y boleh dibandingkan dgn ukhuwah sesama kita.

my tips for today.

p/s >> super duper happy for the two had started it all over again. ^__^ jgn perang dingin lame2 sgt ek.. =)

hmm.letih menampar lalat2 y xhenti kunjung tiba.ade solution x?i dun think there's any.*sigh*

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akak!!! tak perlu kot gambar mir tu!!!!
malu!! T_T