Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cultural Day

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On apr 23rd we organized cultural day where all Saudians, Syrians, Malaysians and Egyptians showed their very own cultural senses – food, musical instruments, national anthems, etc. Personally I’ll say Malaysian's presentation was the most outstanding one. hehe ^_^ not to say that I’m bias, but the way we organized things and showed our cultures are way more significant compared to other countries. Well, it’s not about competition but just to show our culture to others. Doesn’t Allah creates us into nations and tribes so that we may know one another well? =D

Malaysian exhibition room.. ‘selamat datang’ =D

1. Selamat datang
2. Our exhibition stuffs
3. Flag of each state, currency, PMs
4. National flower, current Royal, maps, kite
5. Malaysian currency
6. Multimedia presentation
7. Map of Malaysia
8. Dr Dalia seems to get interested to know something about the flags

Malaysian cuisines

These are all what we prepared for them to know about Malaysia and taste themselves Malaysian cuisines. The other countries didn’t prepare these much of cuisine as we did. =p
1. Our landmarks were being part of the exhibition, Twin Tower and KL Tower in the middle of the cuisine.
2. The table was full of cuisines that completely left with no left-over as the day ended.
3. Shudnt be forgotten, Nasi Lemak
4. Dr Maha asked Iman about the food she took.seems so curious.. ^_^
5. Kelantanese Cek Mek Molek and Sabahan Seri Kentang (kot hehe)
6. Karipap
7. Nasi Lemak side-stuffs and Nasi Impit (guys, I spell this correctly right?haha)

Dr Maha and Dr (?) listened to the details explained by Asyraf (red baju Melayu), Amin (blue baju Melayu) and Husna (brown songket)

Arab Saudian exhibition room

1. They sang their national anthem
2. Their flag
3. Their musical instruments and some other stuffs
4. Their multimedia presentation
5. Their identity
6. Their kings?

Amr el-Laithy and Faridah in their traditional customs

persembahan dari pelajar syria, menyanyikan lagu negara mereka

Yang bermisai itu adalah Dr Sawy (sile cari), dan Dr Maha & Dr (?) bersama2 pelajar Egypt dan Saudian


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