Monday, June 5, 2006

sunflower has been so great to succesfully get what i am looking for all this while..i search and ask for it at every gardening shop i encounter..sana sinun..

"kak,sunflower seed ada x?" "xde la dik.." :(

keep on searching as far as pkns bangi when i was there for a roadshow..(what!!i'm joining roadshow!waaweeeeeee~!!)n ade ke patut kak indon kat situ xknal sunflower..hish,,ada ptut??
and finally some weeks ago at Giant subang jaya the day when i joined my sist n her fmly for a shop then i found a flower corner,here it came.."tauke,sunflower seed ada x?""ha ada,sanaa..."(yeaaaaaaaaayy~!!)waaweeeee....~

maka dcucuk tanamlah all the seeds.'walakin',afte some days it grown up releasing up its very first tiny leaf,then one day my nephew claimed to my other fmly members,"amin nmpak ada tumbuh pokok tembikai kat tepi pagar tu.."

aaaaada ke patut die kate aku nye pokok kesayangan pokok tembikai??xpatut..xpatut...dgn pnuh smnangat aku tanam aade ke patut die kate tu die nye pkok tmbikai..hish2..

maka ini lah die pokoknye y tmasuk arini baru berusia 6hari..every 3days i give 'em snapshot..just for my own satisfaction,watching 'em grow taller and taller day by day..(",)

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

more pics will be uploaded later as the days passed by n the flower grow even taller..gotcha!cant wait watching 'em growing up to the max!

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