Friday, June 2, 2006

give it up for the Day after tomorrow~

In this life the most difficult thing to do we can say is to sacrifice or give up our rights. What it means is we are fighting for our rights and if possible we would like to have the rights of others. This is how it is when our nafs are wild, when nafs have controlled our lives and when nafs have overpowered us.Not only are we not able to sacrifice our rights but we long to gain the rights belonging to other people. This is too individualistic, very selfish indeed. ]

If these feelings are maintained then it is difficult for one to accept the truth, difficult for one to love and care for others, difficult for one to work together with others and difficult for one to be loyal to anyone. where goes the hadith
" la yu'minu ahadukum hatta yuhibbu li akhiihi ma yuhibbu linafsihi"
none of you (truly) believes until he wishesfor his brother what he wishes for himself..
And yet we aim to gain God's acceptance (redha), to get His love and care, to get His rewards, then we need to give up or sacrifice our rights. If we are unwilling to sacrifice our rights then we do not deserve to be a mukmin, we do not deserve to be a man of God.The rights could be our time, the right could be our wealth, the right could be our health, the right could be our relaxation, the right could be our comfort. If we are willing to give up all these rights, that is where the God's love comes from, His huge rewards and His forgiveness. Some of these rights we give them up for God, while some of these rights we give them up for our fellow mankind, our friends, neighbours, our children, our wives, our leaders and others. and should we are not yet getting what we are dying for,then be patient bcoz i deeply believe in these two God sayings "
"la tay-asuu mir-rauhillah"
dun u ever give up for His rahmah ( help )
"wa bashshiri as-soobiriin"
and the good news is for those in patience

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