Thursday, June 8, 2006

a cup f tea?

gone through some articles about islamic world,islamic issues,world conflicts,politics n thing that really made me 'keciwa',the sunni n shi'ah divergence..groups of muslims that adore that the same God the Almighty,n the same Prophet p.b.u.h,but instead they are opposition of each other.although i dun really hv the clear idea the reason for their repellation,but as far as i concern,they hv their own 'holy thingy'..maqam,'org suci',etc..their divergence is really a barrier for their own development..builiding their own 'great wall'.. then when is the time they gonna be in the same tea table having a cup of tea (r they drinking tea?) with some topics to be discussed about, or shaking hand n hugging b4 leaving each other,or anythng u hv in mind..

i recalled an interview made btwn the local mass with a minister of Palestin,Hamas,where he claimed that they the Palestinian authority were now made a deal of opening the opportunity for outsiders to go to Palestin by using their own rules,instead of the ones set by America,but sorry,i'm not sure what's the rules are all about.and also,to repay the debt of some billions they owe to some countries include western countries,he said,"we (PA) need to be independent; make a collaboration with the arabic islamic countries n islamic countries for development,n here we are in malaysia"<--lebih kurg camnila ayat die.xsempt nk tape.hahaha. ( memcapub:thumbs-up to my fren,marlisa for boycotting pizza..huhuhu!) bagus la kan,finally the idea of cooperating in trading of any field among islamic countries@muslim-populated countries are nowbeing implemented.(",) yummmmmieyy~

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