Thursday, February 12, 2009


post luxor trip entry/tag from sapiq.

1) Do u think you're hot?
- dun even mind hot or cold..siul

2) Upload your favourite picture of you!
err this is not me btw. tp xkire nk upload gak! gatai

3) Why do you like that picture?
- pacik ni main taram je g capub suh amek gmbr die time org nk amek gmbr lain..lawak bile teringtkan expression muke die time tu..u just cant imagine it xpasti

4) When the last time you ate pizza?
- tah bile tah..kt egypt ni byk sgt choices of pizza.

5) The last song you listened to?
- kau kunci hatimu di dalam hatiku -ramlah ram..hahah lagu lame gile

6) What are you doing now beside this?
- baru pas basuh baju hasil tour luxor-aswan

7) What name would you prefer besides yours?
- isnt the name given by your parent the sweetest? senyumkenyit

'MEREKA' yg akan ditag adalah seperti berikut :
no idea yet.sape2 y rs nak buat silelah. =)

8) Who is number 1?
- err

9) Number 3 is having a relationship with?
- err…

10) Say something about number 5
- err…

11) How about number 4
- err lagi...

12) Who is number 2?
- err lagi lagi...

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