Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanks! ^_^

"Sesungguhnya Allah mengetahui apa y tidak kamu ketahui"

am about to study but then when this abandoned blog comes in mind, feel like to update somehow.

life is not always as what we expect it gonna turn out to be. we hope for A then suddenly comes the B which we never wish for nor appreciate. But God has always have everything in His will, knowing what's the best fate for His servant. thus, appreciate what's coming ahead instead of regretting over those unexpected turnout b'coz, at the end day you'll realize how beautiful God has created life for us, and how much God loves you, more than your boyfriend/girlfriend has to offer.

you may lost in this crooked way of life but someday u'll find the way home star

Thanks Allah!lovelovelove
Thanks father!lovelove
Thanks mother!lovelove
Thanks everyone!love

and thanks JPA!duit

happy mode.sengihnampakgigipeacecelebrate

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