Friday, November 7, 2008


1. i still remember some years ago when i first encountered with kitab fikh sunnah Sayyid Sabiq Indonesian version, 2nd chapter. in which the translation was done by one indonesian scholar in 70s if i;m not mistaken.he studied in cairo before.the kitab was in my father's collection. i made a thorough reading over the book, n astonished nerd. "wah, bagusnya!" n suddenly the idea of involving in this translating thingy popped up my mind. heh.rindu last vacation,my father's friend came over to ask something about the meaning of some arabic words in a kitab of Prophet's way of healing disease. [ppl usually seek for my father to ask whether about arabic lggue or hukum hakam since he well mastered some kitab2 muktabar..anak die?adus] later then my father said," u ought to master arabic languange apart of studying medicine there" hmmm..thats already my long way target.encem

2. n i'm really into languange, in which i used to survey about one mandarin class called " Hanyu " centre based in KLCC, which is a project organised by one CHina's university that i forgot which is which..emailing them for the details about the mandarin class, but then again, due to time constraint i cudnt make it.

i have a lot in mind to accomplish but then..when shud i get started? banyakckp

btw, i'm having my mid sem test this monday..blurstar


izzati.abdullah said...

kaleem arabi..syawya..ngeh2..

waba'deen..mumkin kaleem katheer..hehe

afifah.ahmad said...

not just kaleem arabi, even to fahmin 3arabi quwaiss~ ^_^