Sunday, June 1, 2008

cikgu rahmah

beliau merupakan guru kelas kami selama 3thun berturut2 selama berada di SRK Kamil 1, ya3ni semasa darjah 4 up to darjah 6.

darjah 4

darjah 5

darjah 6

to be short, those class which is under her supervision will remember her for her kindness, motherly treats, her concern upon her students, the way she appreciates them and lots more to list.

during her days with us some years back, for every birthday of her students, she will arrange a special ceremony in class and birthday boy/girl will be required to give short speech at the front, followed by present giving from fellow classmates..there will be occasional small feast then.

she lives happily with her husband, together with her adopted children, which she raised like her own.she has been so contented with her life even though doesnt have her own children.practically she has been so kind to others.

during the school, she was the chief for unit bahasa, in which she was always being the chairman for any kind of function, be it ordinary assembly before we prefects overtook the task of conducting the weekly assembly,or even official gathering in district level etc.u gonna find her leading the ceremony.she has done a lot for the school.indeed.

it has been years since we last leaving the school, but her students still keep her in touch.and whenever one of her student pays a visit, she will ask about the others.and even she teached 5 of my siblings.

it's a long journey she went through before leaving the house at Taman Sri Aman 1 which she used to live together with her children n n now she's living on her own.. :( it's quite a shock for us to find out the catastrophe happened to her.because she's everybody's beloved teacher. i was told that she moved to Taman TEngku Anis KB in which i wasnt quite sure which part of taman it was.

those find yourself in the pictures above, and in case of u r attempting of reaching cikgu rahmah but coudnt make one, can buzz her at 019-9024018..she has been missing her students so much which she treated us like her children,that sometimes she shed tears when recalling back her moments with us. T_T

pray so that her current life will be easier for her, living in good condition with her 2@3years old adopted kid and us whom will always be supporting her,giving her courage to go through her current sole life, together with her family.she'll be retired in 2 years time.insya-Allah.

may Allah bless her always.ameen.

credits to Norlainiwatie Abdullah for the pictures. =)

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