Tuesday, May 20, 2008


let's talk about investment.why so suddenly wanna talk about investment?nothing matters much.just simply i wanna bring up something that literally important for future financial planning.applicable for those who cares and concerns about his/her future financial statement.but mind me, im not gonna explain every single thing about what investment is actually, or what kind of scheme is the best or whatever, just to share this to those it may concern.

by the way, i do NOT (yet) invest in any kind of scheme but look forward to do so soon as possible.but for this time being i'm not ready for it.i have 2 of my brothers indulge in the field hence i know some bits of this investment things.and i'll say we SHUD invest for future financial planning.but as muslim, we must be sure that the scheme we're investing in is syariah-compliance, means that the way the scheme is being conducted, every single thing from A to Z, no single non-halal thing is counted in.be sure of that before u involve in any kind of investment.investment gonna do some good to u but just be definite in what u r investing in, since what u consume gonna be part of your being.good consumption gonna make up well being and vice versa.

any inquiry about this investment thing u may ask me,it's not that i'm gonna answer it,just i can forward it to my bro hehe.peace no war.


Anonymous said...

Erk, tetibe je... huhu

afifah.ahmad said...

erk.maksudnye tetibe ape? erk erk haha

Unknown said...

maksudnya nak kene letak kat front page la tuuu