Friday, May 23, 2008

His servant

i heard a lot of rumours.i encountered some evidences for that it wasnt a typical rumour that spread around me.what the rumors were all about? just let me knew them to myself.not gonna share them in here.

egypt like others say, is home for the many anbiya' as well for Firaun.bear it in mind, FIRAUN.

u can find a lot of makams and masjids (?) here in egypt.
and u can find temples as well.
u can find tafaqquh classes with some syeikhs,
and u can find a place for leisure just like hawaii where all mamat minah salleh gathered with their bikini n shorts sunbathing etc,
in short,u can find everything here...

Our Lord has granted us the brain to think and most important is, He sends us down to be His servant, to obey what He has instructed, and for that He has bestowed us with al-Quran and as-sunnah as guidance in which we will never be lost as long as we hold those two firm.

God has given us immeasureable nikmat,sit and think about it once,try to list them all down,then it'll take hell lot of papers before u can even finish it..and what we give Him in return? being disobey is not good buddy..

may His blessings be upon us, may His hidayah reach us,may His barakah shower us..

the best of u is those being pious to Him..


Anonymous said...

Pips ~ its not 'hontoni' weird it sound just OK.. hehe..

Yup.. its reminds me the moment i had before i decided to fly here.. I did meet numbers of ustaz to have their opinion and experience.. [actually, that time i really-really dont want to come here.. in fact, i had submit my application form to Madinah Universty and i had attend the interview.. but unluckyly, i am not choosen to be there]

One of the ustaz says to me..

"Belajar di Mesir umpama mengambil segelas air dari Sungai Nil. Air jernih lagi suci dari sungai tersebut dapat menyembuhkan pelbagai penyakit di mana saja kamu pergi tetapi berhati-hati, kerana jika kamu mengambil air yang keruh dan kotor dari sungai tersebut, ia akan menyengsarakan dan memusnahkan masyarakat di mana saja kamu berada.. Pastikan kamu mendapatkan air yang jernih sebagai penawar dan bukan sebaliknya!!"

afifah.ahmad said...'s so right..hope that my adik2s will choose the right glass of water?huuhu

afifah.ahmad said...

hontoni itu apekah?

N.S.M said...

thnx for the advices kak pips~
hopefully it will stuck forever in this short-term memory of mine. (T_T)

ps: hontoni tu japanese term for 'sangat2' n yg sinonim dgnnye.

pps: reading ur blog is now a daily routine of mine. Hope u'll update it selalu. (^_^)V

best of luck in da exm.

N.S.M said...

4got to tell ya, Inas (or izit inaz?) sends her regards 2 u. she said: "tell afifah to sleep well"


lawak la kak pips nie.

Anonymous said... posting..btol2..sini pilih je nk yg mane..

to cakuna: kak pips tu xyah suh sleep well pn xpe..dia kalu tdo mmg terlebih well la..huhu..kena tgk sendiri la..

afifah.ahmad said...

cakuna: wah.bile cak g jumpe inaz?lame x jumpe die..hehe

zati: zati jeles ek sbb akk tido cam baby, as u claimed?haha

afifah.ahmad said...

it's a bliss seeing my adik2 choosing the right way.n its saddened to see if they get into the incorrect path..indeed i hope for the best for them coz i love all of u..:) ( sadis x?hehe)

N.S.M said...

p mkn umh die kelmarin. haha. pstu die cite kak pips tdo str8 pas mkn. hahahahaha~
mantap sguh! kitaorg x dpt jd smantap itu walopon ngntok gile pas mkn seafood yg byk gile2. (bygkan ikan utk 10 org mkn kitaorg mkn 4 org je).
sumpah x mkn ikan sebulan pasni. :P

btw, ayt di ats nie sgt menyayat hati la kak pips. bace bku sastera ke ape time cuti nie? :P

afifah.ahmad said...
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afifah.ahmad said... ke gitu?hish.tu psl the night before akk berjaga..huhu segan eden.jd hot story lak ek.haha
and cak, how bout the idea of making yourself at home?haha

aah.akk amek sastera as minor subject hehe