Tuesday, March 25, 2008


i wont be available for quite some time.or being available but not that frequent, since wanna give some space for my study.it's not that blogging consumes that much of my time,it's the matter of spending soooo much time on the net.haish.since i hv practically been a constant surfer,hopping from one site to another,well,everything is just at the tip of your finger (suddenly the word 'tip of the handle of malleus pop up my mind haha)

actually i just wanna thank one of my friend / medikmate / coursemate / districtmate or whatever u call it, for reminding me of something.actually it's not reminding,it's revealing something that's really stunning. when we're away enough from family, ppl surrounding u that r coming from the same place as you r from will be just like your own sibling,or more or less of the same bloodline. hence u wanna make up the best out of it.

and to that somebody, tons of gratitude from me for your frank exposure.i really did appreciate it.indeed.i just cudnt find the best word to say thank you.

n thanks God that keeps me from doing the inappropriate act and leads me to the correct ones.

i always do believe that He will always be just by my side.everytime.n i find the real tranquility in it.=) i just cudnt find anything to repay Him in lieu of what He has bestowed me.sy sgt terharuu.

-since this sem4 offers no re-sitting current papers,it's either u pass it or otherwise u ought to repeat the same semester, this really take a toll on us. learning the same thing all over again for the recent sem,doing the same things-pbl session,presentation,thesis bla2 as the list goes.i'm not gonna dare it.

God,lead me to your very own path..

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