Tuesday, March 4, 2008

early experience

for our early experience session,we went to the particular dept in hospital and observing some cases related to the topic learnt, as usual.previous week the case was about neural tube defect,and we went to the neuro dept,in particular, sayyidaat[ladies] division. 2 patients were brought along in,one with congenital anomalies-neural tube defect,of neural tube occulta kind.current case which about prolapse vertebral disc enabled us to meet azizah and a boy,yahya which suffer from prolapse vertebra disc and brain tumor respectively.i'm not going to explain every single detail about their sufferings,thats not my purpose.just to let u in on how there r many other ppl suffered, where in the otherside of the world, we r healthy enough to do our daily chores.this leads me to reflect back,how simple God has made it,just to ruin single yet important circulation of our body,then that's it,everything goes in abnormal way.just to compress small vessel/nerve in your brain by the presence of the tumor-catastrophe occur-as a consequent you cant move your lower part of facial,u cant walk in normal way,terhinjut2,u cant extend your hand up to the head etc.in short,u r being freak.

and all that happened wont be possible without biiznillah, His consent.how powerless we are to compare with His Mighty,being so naive and so..nothing! be great to what He has bestowed,what He has granted...and for that, being arrogant with your well-being is just a stupid act we human being ever done.

dr abdel wahab showed the film of prolapse vertebral dics suffered by the lady,which he addressed her as azizah lazizah..

dr together with her azizah lazizah and boy yahya

dr abdel wahab is the chief of neurosurgery dept.,a great professor of his field,whom miriam adores so much.hehhe ^_^ one thing that sound funny to us,he likes to make rhytmic words- goes "azizah lazizah", "silly milly girl", and "easy lazy japanese"..interesting tough..


mir.i.am said...

i dont ADORE him. that sounds so wrong.
i ADMIRE him la ~
cuz he makes everyone afraid+scared of him~ haha!
he's actually cool~~~~ : P

afifah.ahmad said...

haha..wokay2.u admire him! + adore him..hahaha
when he first cracked that unexpected joke,i was like "wahh.coolnye doc ni!" hehe
scarry yet funny

Anonymous said...

he seems like a great man! sy suka prof yg bleh wat lawak2 ni..^^

afifah.ahmad said...

hehe.dulu die cam serius gile,skali bile die buat lawak gini cam comel la plak haha nway he's a great prof