Saturday, July 8, 2006

we muslim

td mase tgh menyapu,tetibe terpk.why we muslims nowadays,malays especially ,seems to have no inner strength,valnurable,of course muslims but with no positive values that a muslim ought to have.the only answer to this phenomenon,because we are muslims by descend.we inherited this religion from our parents,our ancestors..bukan sbb kesedaran atau hidayah bestowed to us,atau sbb sifat magnetik kita kepada Islam itu sendiri.

kita adalah muslim but when being asked about islam itself,we can hardly find the right n concrete answer to the question we realise about this?i realise.

the only wayout is to keep on learning about islam.min al-mahdi ila al-lahdi.jgn dipersia anugerah umur yg diberiNya kepada kita.what have we done for ourself as a muslim,as a servant of the God the Almighty,He the Great Creator,Rabbul 'Alamiin.

teringat lagu dr album yusof islam n the kids..

i'm a muslim bismillah
i'm a muslim alhamdulillah..

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