Sunday, April 16, 2006

fav colour

16hb april.end of sminar.finished earlier than the day bro can just pick me up at 5pm.after his sminar finished.wat shud be done from 2pm -5pm.?then i went to kl sentral lepaking there.bought some stuff.sales.haha.but still there times b4 5pm.then i went to times square.went up to gedung pakaian dehen*** (something ,4got the name) up to level2..naik je tingkat 2,waaaa~ really jatuh hati ngan theme colour level tu..light purple!!the workers are all in purple custom as well.bestnye tgk..rasa cam xnak turun..haha.nak duduk kat situ spjg hari,nak landing kat fav colour~huhu
pasni sesape nak bg adiah,ingt my fav colour ehs..hehe~

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