Monday, September 20, 2010


ini adalah sebuah entry melepaskan batuk di tangga.

Alhamdulillah..summer break y lepas sempat pulang menjengah keluarga y sudah lame tidak ketemuan (a year seems so long lately), alhmdulillah juga kedua ibu bapa sehat cergas cerdas encem mungkin kerana when i went back the previous year, mother seemed so unwell and looked unfit enough to do chores, enough to make her daughter seeing her in a way that u can pull a sigh of relief, it is the greatestestest pleasure cium ayah as usual, being active in his way, is always healthy, an attribution to his good food intake. alhmdulillah for everything.

sempat juga saya membuat 'attachment' di Hospital Kota Bharu a.k.a Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab II in the O&G department, an experience that gave enough insight on how was the working condition in local hospital particularly in O&G dept.

nothing much could i tell right now except we're just starting back our class after a mere break. this semester will mainly be about neurology (not again!) & a bit of psychiatry which so far is not my sort of interest. to be in clinical years, you couldnt ask no more for a long 3months break as u used to be having during the pre-clinical years. less time with the family at home, more time in the hospital, more time in the lectures, more time in discussion.

its 1146pm. im now urging myself on a healthy sleep schedule which before was a total ruin(as for me). trying to be having a sleep early n wake up early routine. so now i have to sleep lah. doa for me lah. i'll write another day lah. byebye lah! babai

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