Monday, May 10, 2010

today we're having a round at specialised clinics, in endocrinology unit to be exact.

somewhere in 1989, use of MRI as routine in the investigation wasnt yet established here in egypt. any indication for MRI must be well n strictly defined by the particular doctor as the cost for that imaging is high. there're 4 cases in consideration for MRI. but as for the high cost, only few selected cases were allowed n this particular doctor was asked to choose only 2 cases with the most possible positive result to go for the imaging. but he insisted on having all four cases counted in, eventhough the cost for the other 2 cases wont be supported by the hospital but at his own risk. but having to know that wat he did was right, he stuck to his decision.

the result of MRI came out, and all four cases were positive for brain tumor. all the four cases were managed accordingly after then. since then, MRI had been a routine. inspiring though.

"if u know what you are doing is right, then fight for it " -Dr Asyraf, professor of Paediatrics (Endocrinology unit)

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