Saturday, April 17, 2010

sgt mengharukan

today met 2 cases of IUFD (intra-uterine fetal death).

history taking of the first pt, aged 27, she's well-informed about the death since 5 days ago, after finding that there's no movement of the baby. further investigations confirmed the diagnosis. now in a process to terminate the baby.

2nd patient just bumped into US room when we're having the discussion.the patient was here for the 1st booking US, and the doc did the scan for her, but findings suggested fetal death. so they had to wait for the husband to break the bad news.

sometimes thing favorable to us is not the best for us,n God knows better.
selamat berusaha lg ye akak2 semua ;)


cant help being so touched by the story of Christian the lion, being so compassionate towards those surrounding him for some good couple of being portrayed in some of the videos.. ;)

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