Sunday, February 7, 2010

i've been looking for chance to write about this- smoking, coz ive been surrounded by people who heavily smoke; some juniors, n own colleague. juge termasuklah pakcik2 supir teksi di sini- ah, sungguh annoying when you smokers puff the smoke out and those surround u have no other way than to suck up those nicotine-containing substances turning us the non-smokers into the smokers as well, in the passive way. dammit.

oh, sebenarnye the entry isnt intended to marah2 or whatsoever, but to symphatize those heavy smoker. if im not mistaken, a colleague of mine did a topic regarding this smoking thingy for his SSC.serve him well. shoud be sharing i.e publish it or else, the extensive informations to others as well.many will benefit for sure.

to be frank, it saddens me when there are people in the circle of my contacts smoke; juniors, friends etc. cause i know that's the stupidest *sorry* habit u did for you. i know they know the harm, i know they know what bad smoking can do for them but yet..(malas nk sambung) lebih2 lagi to those studying medicine, it has been hell lot of pathological concerns smoking can lead to and cause. Buerger's disease, lung cancer, dan bermacam2 lg la saye pun malas nk eleborate more.

i used to ask them about the habit-when did they start, how frequent they smoke, etc. kasihan bile ada yang dah cube utk berhenti, and yes they did it but then cudnt help starting it again. doakan mereka agar mereka berjaya dgn usaha tersebut. for all those i talked to regarding this, i'll bring out the story of my cousin, where the husband died of lung cancer in his early 30s when my cousin was pregnant her 2nd child. ish, x ke naya kalau jd camtu?heh.

pardon the's getting sucker by day


yushida03 said...

just dropping by via a blogrolling session..

just keep on praying for them. Allah is Great. EVerything is under His will.

Myself as an example. I was a smoker for about 12 long years. One day in February 2009, I woke up and suddenly, smoking did not feel that great anymore. I don't know why, I've tried quitting before always failed. This time it last, at least until now.

Maybe Allah has granted the prayers of my beloved ones..

afifah.ahmad said...

a big congrats for u for the cessation. smoking would never do any good for u. 0.01% maybe, but dun count on that n leaving 99.99% of its bad side.

sy suke dgr how u manage to stop smoking.congrats! ^^