Sunday, December 21, 2008

banking technical error

sebenarnya malas nk update.but then just received a complaint from a junior about the same thing happened to me in september last yr- attempted to draw some amounts of money from the atm machine, but the transaction was failed, instead when u checked out the balance either manually or through the online banking it surprised u to the max hah that the failed transaction seemed to be 'successful' [ but u found not a single note came out of the atm -even a genih!]

in this case, dun get panicked. what u ought to do is :

1.keep the statement/receipt/slip that mentioning the transaction u attempted to make was failed. keep that ' your transaction is failed ' slip.

2.lodge a report to nearest hsbc branch, or straight away to the malaysian hsbc (the latter is better if u dun want to waste your time) + attach that ' your transaction is failed ' piece of statement, n dun forget to let them know the details
- the date of the failed attempt,
-amount of money attempted to draw
-or any info u might find appropriate

make sure to make a copy of those pieces. in my case, the officer asked me to proceed the report to HSBC in malaysia since the account was based there, n i think the same goes to those account opened in Msia.

3. the report shud be made within 2months after the technical error took place. otherwise the chance to get your money credited back into your account is almost nil.

4.keep updated with the bank regarding your report.

5. ask seniors or friends for any help. dun just stay doing nothing, but if u r kind enough to let your money drained off , it's up to offense.sengihnampakgigi

in case of losing/u dun keep the statement, dun get depressed, u can just simply make a report to HSBC mentioning about those particular details, after that make a prayer so your money can be claimed back. nerd

Allahu yusahhil lanasenyum

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