Friday, September 19, 2008

family first

sempat semasa berada di kampung terchenta, memerhatikan suasana thing that really impressed me and touched me somewhere at the bottom, seeing a father taking the children with his spouse on a ride surrounding the village. a moment where they took out some times out of their daily life being with family. family moment. it wasnt just a family but two or three. one after another. org kate, amek angin petang. suke sy perhatikan. anak kecik terpana di depan memerhatikan jalanan dibuai angin petang, maknye bersama anak y lain kendong d belakang, n bapaknya membonceng moto, bawak keluarga bersiar2 . .peace sgt menarik. touchable moment.. love thats the way how they find some time to be with respective family. ada family y seek to be together during meal, in which it's a norm to eat together with all the family members, ada y sit together during tea, n some other ways u may encounter with..

family first. star

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