Saturday, July 21, 2007

jatuh bas!

menurut kate senpai2(senior2) kt sini xlengkap idup kt egypt kalau x lalui 3 perkara: kene copek, jatuh bas and ilang selipar.

dan i had gone through one of that must-thingy..hehe.what a bad day.ashame on me,when all those arabs looking at me lying down on d street..should i say the whole arabs in d bus?? shameful!!but at that moments i didnt look much on their so-called pitiness look on me,i was just mind about my scratchy palm.n i got that when attempting to keep my body in well-balance after stepping out from that,shud i say go-to-hell bus? adeh! sakit where i can see my whitish flesh..shud i say that was my dermis layer?ohooo..i was just ok i bet but then moments later felt like crying where me having such injury after such embrassing incident! adeh,malu muke u~ luckily aqilah was there with me where i didnt feel alone going through that experience.huhu she helped me flowing water through that damn bruises..huhu..bleeding for sure..n i cant still imagine my expression when the moments occured..felt like expressionless.herk!

n everytime others asked how come that jatuh bas happened then i'll just say "saye terjun tiruk dr bas " maleh nk explain pjg2..hee hee.

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Sleep Monger said...

ha ha. That was hillarious. indeed. Nanti dah kena rompak citer le.