Saturday, May 20, 2006

kids' thinking evolution

satu hari bukan time raya...

ahmad asyraf,5years-old lil boy..
"cik pah,knape cik pah xmarah2? mcm mummy,mummy slalu marah2.marah kat daddy la,adik la.(times where his mummy raised up her voice upon uncomfortability ) knape cik pah xmarah adik,adik kan buat x elok smlam ( smthg y trigger aku utk kata aku nak balik umah sbb die xdengar ckp )

looking,staring at him,
"cik pah xsuke marah2..kalau cik pah xsuke adik buat ape2 ke,cik pah cakap..n kalau cik pah cakap adik dgr laa..,kalau adik x dgr cikpah xsuke...kalau cikpah xsuke cik pah balik umah tokma lah.."
n me,going back to hometown really such an objection to him,but wants me to stay wif him.

die if to think something in deep.

bile difikirkan he seems to know me very well at one part.but what really matters me he barely just 5years-old kid,with ability to read malay story books,n english as well,pretty well.n at times asking me what that n these words are in english or vice versa.kid of that age asked me these n that,wow! one thing for sure,there'll always be "kenapa itu.."n "kenape ini.." questions everytime he watches tv,really take a toll on me to answer his questions when they get overloaded..there will always be that " kenape .." questions at every single fact,that's really good of him,full of curiosity,as a sign that he wants to know n to learn..he's a big fan of old malay movies-especially p.ramlee's movies-bujang lapuk,pendekar b.lapuk n etc..stok2 yang klaka.

young boy of this age has been able to think about emotion, the pros n cons about doing this n that,outspoken for sure,but as a normal young kid still stick to his world of fantasy figure; ultraman,power rangers n many more..cant escape from admiring that so-called heroes..well,it's pretty acceptable that kids nowadays has gone through the evolution of thinking broadness..i bet they r more thinkable than the kids of the same age,of decades ago..well all what it takes is just the surrounding they are living in,the more educating it is the higher probability for them to grown up maturely..yeah?

asyraf a.k.a adik
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